The experts at Air Nerds can install your AC mini-split in Richmond, VA. This duct-free cooling option is becoming a popular way to cool specific areas of a home. Traditional whole-house AC systems can struggle to keep a whole floor plan cooled down.

This can occur for many reasons, including strong sun hitting the west side of the home. Ductless AC units mount on a wall or ceiling to deliver cold air in spaces without adequate cooling. Consider using one or multiple units in your house to cool kitchens, home offices, bedrooms, and other important rooms.

If you’re concerned about rising energy costs, a duct-free unit can help to curb monthly bills over time. Instead of running your traditional AC system night and day, use your mini-split to cool specific rooms at night.

These units are very easy to operate using the remote control that comes with the product. Turn your ductless unit on when you need it and off when you leave the room.