If you have ever wondered if you can place a furnace outside in the Mineral, VA area, we can tell you that you absolutely can. In fact, there are some benefits to installing your furnace outdoors. As long as you have adequate space and zoning laws are in your favor, an outdoor furnace makes sense. We’ll answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding placing a furnace outside.

Requirements for an Outdoor Furnace

Choosing the right location for the furnace is probably the most important consideration. Proximity to the home needs to make sense in terms of power source, fuel source, and length of duct runs. However, the furnace should be at least 30 feet away from a combustible structure.

The area should be dry and well-drained to prevent damage from standing water. We recommend placing the furnace on a level concrete pad. Clearance space is needed for proper ventilation, adequate air intake, and room for service techs to maintain and repair the equipment.

Appearance is another consideration. You don’t want to place an outdoor furnace directly next to a premium yard, terrace, or deck space where you can see and hear the unit in operation.

Benefits of Placing a Furnace Outside

Outdoor furnaces are becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of placing the furnace outside make it an attractive option for heating your home.

The number one reason that many have outdoor heating units is space. A furnace can take up valuable interior real estate that you could be using. Depending on the furnace type, one that is placed outside often runs cleaner and doesn’t pose health risks inside the home caused by fuel leaks or poor indoor air quality. Outdoor heating units can efficiently heat your home while saving up to 50% on your monthly utility costs.

Types of Outdoor Furnaces Available

There are three primary types of heating units that are designed to be used outdoors. The first is a gas-fired furnace that can be fueled either by natural gas or propane. Next is the electric heat pump that can also serve as your AC unit by transferring heat from a cool space to a warm space. Last is the wood burning or pellet furnace that uses logs or wood by-product pellets to heat a house. These are often found in more rural communities where wood is easier to come by.

Ask the Pros

For many, placing a furnace outside makes sense and can save money. If you are considering an outdoor furnace in the Mineral area, give Air Nerds a call and we would be happy to discuss the best options that are within your budget and property configuration. We can also help you with boiler services, thermostat repair, duct cleaning, AC installation, and more. Contact Air Nerds today to schedule your appointment.

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