While everyone wants to save money when heating their home, the question arises as to what maintenance your furnace requires. Consider the cleaning that your system needs as part of routine maintenance to continue running efficiently.

Keep Your Filters Clean

While you can’t clean your furnace filters, it’s important to keep clean ones in the system. For the 1- and 2-inch filter, you may need to replace it every 30 to 90 days. Ideally, check it every month, and gently vacuum off the loose dust and dirt to give it a boost between changes. This is the only part of maintenance you should try for yourself.

Clean the Circulating Fan Wheel

Inside your furnace is the circulating fan wheel and blower motor. The fan wheel will collect airborne particles in the system as it spins to circulate the air through the system and your home. Without periodic cleaning, the fan won’t circulate as much air, reducing your system’s efficiency. You should have a professional clean your circulating fan wheel to prevent accidental damage.

Clean the Burner

Your furnace will produce the byproduct of soot as it burns the fuel, even when it’s burning efficiently. It produces a lot more soot when the fuel isn’t burning completely. As part of your routine maintenance, a technician will clean the burner. Excess soot can indicate a problem that the burner, fuel supply, or fuel-to-air blend needs adjusting. This is something that should only be done by an experienced professional.

Clean the Sensors

Several sensors in your furnace ensure that it runs safely and that will eventually need cleaning. One is the flame sensor, which ensures the fuel is burning in the chamber. The other is the high-limit sensor that monitors for overheating. Both of these can become covered in soot, making them fail to register heat properly. These are cleaned during routine maintenance and should be serviced by a professional.

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