An efficient HVAC system can serve as the foundation of your energy reduction plan. However, a highly efficient gas furnace might not be enough to significantly lower your energy bills. We can help you spot common sources of wasted energy and help you reduce your heating bills further.

1. Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to control your gas furnace no matter where you are. They learn your habits and behaviors and adjust the heat accordingly so that you’re not paying for heating when you’re not home. Some smart thermostats can even monitor your energy consumption patterns and offer suggestions for increasing energy efficiency.

2. Schedule Yearly System Maintenance

Ensure your gas furnace gets professional maintenance at least once a year. Detecting problems early and addressing them promptly allows your system to operate more efficiently, allowing you to enjoy lower energy bills.

3. Seal Your Home

Cracks and gaps allow cold air to seep into your home and heated air to flow outside. You can reduce these losses by sealing walls, doors, and windows. Replace weather stripping on your doors and use caulk to seal gaps on windows. Ensure you seal leaking air ducts as they allow heated air to escape before it reaches its destination. Most leaks occur when the main ducts split into branches.

4. Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Insulating the entire house can be expensive but could help reduce your heating bills. You can start gradually, beginning with the areas where heat loss is high. Add insulation to your attic and around the ductwork. This ensures no heat is lost in these parts. This reduces the amount of energy needed to heat your home.

5. Replace the Air Filters

Air filters become dirty and clogged over time, restricting airflow into your gas furnace. The system struggles to pull in air and may overheat. You may also have uneven heating, and the system might continue operating even when some rooms are too hot. Most air manufacturers advise homeowners to change air filters once every three months to ensure the efficient operation of their gas furnaces.

Professional HVAC experts at Air Nerds can help you implement these tips so your gas furnace operates efficiently and ensures low energy bills. We provide heating and cooling services in Mineral, VA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need simple repairs or new system installation, you can contact Air Nerds today, and we will deliver quality services.

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